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Hi, I’m Cory O’Connor… It all started when I was born in 1971. I don’t remember much of that time – come on! I was too busy crying, peeing and pooping myself.

Anyway, after many years I grew in to what some would call ‘a man’. I developed a liking for the media. Initially television, but when community radio came to the city in which I live, I signed up in 1988 and after a nerve-racking on-air debut I discovered that I loved it and that radio was what I wanted to do. In 1994 I began working at a commercial radio station in Geelong.

I have (as of the end of 2018) finished my 24th year with bay 93.9 and krock 95.5. And I think that’s a good place to end my almost two and a half decade association with Geelong Broadcasters.

I’ve had a heart condition since 2011 – at least that’s when it was diagnosed – so now I walk a lot. I have gone through so many pairs of shoes. Apart from old media, I also like graphic design and podcasting. I’m looking (sort of) to where the next phase of my life will lead me.

That next phase has seen a rocky start. 2019 has been… well let’s face it – pretty shithouse! My Mum was hit by a car 11 days in to the new year, which has obviously had an effect on all concerned. Plus I was hurt (mentally) more than I can possibly put in to words by someone I thought cared. But clearly not. So picking up the pieces, remembering the past so I don’t repeat it. It may still be too soon to tell, but things will likely never be the same again for me and trust is something I’m unlikely to ever share again.

On that cheery note… Now you’re pretty much up to date.

Cory O’Connor